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It has been such a roller coaster ride from the first time I read GTD (the book), to finding Kinkless to now waiting for OmniFocus.

As a long long long time OmniFan I have added some of my suggestions to the blog but will put more here.

- If you can't tell from the million blog posts, make sure it syncs. Syncs to iCal and syncs to the new Mail in OSX 10.5. Syncing is key. Automatic if at all possible.

- Keep the history. Past things that are past but can be looked at.

- Make sure it stays true to GTD, I am sure this is the thing we have to worry about least.

- Easy entry. If that is through Quicksilver or whatever, getting your ideas in easily is very important. Even better if you can bring it in from Mail or other places. This also means easy keyboard navigation.

- Backups.

- Smart searches. Combine the power of "smart" everything in OSX with the GTD system of contexts, projects etc.

- Statistics. How many todos, projects were completed. Per month. Day.
Year. All sorts of fun.

- A way to limit what gets sync’d to ical. I don’t need 300 todos with me
at all times. Maybe a setting to sync the first X number of todos from a
project to iCal.

- Easier deleting of projects, calendars, contexts. Seems to get quirky.

- Way to look at just one project at a time. The big list can be a lot and
in GTD taking in small amount is better. Focus.

- Better handling of Maybe/Someday. I feel like they shouldn’t show up on
the project lists. Maybe a preference.

- Easy sycning between multiple computers (Like OmniWeb bookmarks)