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What I'm doing is clearing out my email inbox (literally, it's almost always at zero) - and moving 'longer' response emails to a separate folder.

From four different accounts. Each reply has to come from that account.

Mailtags (and mail act on) make it possible to do quickly.

I DON'T want it in OF - it's clutter. I think there's something wrong in my system, in the respect that there are some 160 emails there right this second.

Perhaps I need to move them to project based tasks. I don't know (and it certainly bears more thought.) The fact that I have 160 emails there - means that I'm just using it as a different bucket. I sense that bucket needs to be further refined for it to work well.

Meanwhile - I can't easily 'see' these messages on my iPad/iPhone - which I think is the key of what I want.

I can see that I need to do something more critical in my email plan.