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My main purpose for clipping them into OmniFocus, is not really about reading them there. It's the original message link in the OmniFocus action. When I click on that link, the message is brought up and I can read it or take action with it.

For emails I can respond to quickly, I do it from the Mail Inbox.
emails I want to read later, I clip them to OmniFocus, assign them to a bucket called reading. Then when ready to read, I click on original message.

Having them in OmniFocus is especially helpful for emails I am waiting for a response.

Compose email (BCC myself)
clip email into OmniFocus
assign to a project with a waiting for category and a future start date

When that action shows up in my waiting for
I can either push the start date back further
click on original message and send a 'ping' or follow up message that I haven't heard back about such and such
when I send the email (BCC myself)
I clip into OmniFocus
assign to project with waiting for and give it a start date

This is the quickest way I've found to track emails I'm waiting for responses from, and to find the email quickly.

If you don't like seeing the email in omnifocus, highlight a sentence or word or subject in the email before clipping.

The problem is, this doesn't solve the integration of OF & Mail on the iPhone/iPad.

In my perfect world:
I would be able to click on something in Mail on iPhone, to link that message to a new action in OF inbox.
emails that I am sending from OF, the return emails would be automatically ingested back into OF in the appropriate project at the appropriate level.