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I may be overlooking something obvious, or perhaps using the tool wrong, but I don't think so -- the behavior I expect to see is in the iPhone app.

Here's my problem: A lot of my projects have many tasks, but can still be completed very quickly -- in a matter of hours. So I enumerate all of the tasks in a project, and give the project (but not the individual tasks) a due date. When I'm working in Project View, I can see the due date associated with the project itself, but it isn't filled in for each individual task. I guess that's fine. The problem comes in when I switch to Context View: the project header is no longer around, and the tasks, again, don't have the view date -- so unless they are not orange or red, I have no indication of when they are/were due.

I have made the "Due Date" column viewable in Context View.

For expected behavior, see the iPhone app -- the tasks that belong to a "dated" project have the project's due date displayed next to them in Context View.

Thanks in advance