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Archiving is an optional feature; nothing requires you to use the command.

Why not just delete stuff as you complete it? Or, if you don't want to delete items immediately, collect them in the archive and then just periodically delete them from there.

Having said that, it might not be a bad idea for the option of archiving or deleting old actions using the same mechanism. You should send feedback to Omni to make a feature request (go to Help -> Send Feedback in OmniFocus).

I check actions as complete and click on clean up - but this is no real delete, or? I mean if I go on "archive" an use something like "archive before 01.09" my database will be smaler after this - so something will be moved from my database to an archive, but what? There's nothing to archive?

I think the completed actions want be deleted, they just "hide" for us and go to an archive - and that's more as stupid. If I choose an action as complete - it is completed and can be "killed" from my database -.-