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Is there no way to say "delete all completed"? The only ways are to use the archive every x weeks/days or to delete them manually? Really bad -.-

i want to mark them as completed for my overview, after this I just want to push one button for deletion and not for every entry -.-
1) Switch to Context View
2) Change the view filter to Context Filter> All Contexts, Grouping>Ungrouped, and Status Filter>Completed. You might also want to set Sorting>Completed just in case you want to be able to see tasks ordered by completion date.
3) Select the Contexts icon in the sidebar
4) Create a Perspective of this view so you only have to do the above once. In your saved perspective, make sure that Restore>Selection is checked

Now, every time you want to delete all completed actions, do the following:
1) Select your new 'Delete Completed' perspective
2) Click in the Main outline (right pane) and select all (Command-A)
3) Hit the delete key and you are done.

Note that it is imperative that you only do a select all, delete in the flat mode of the Context view. If you do this in Project mode, with folders and projects displayed in the Main outline, you will also delete all displayed folders and projects.

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