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It appears that OF desktop currently creates a new .client file each time you sync. After a while, the old ones are automatically deleted.

The iPhone should have only 1 .client file. If you have more than one iPhone .client file, then you could follow the instructions in the "Lizard Fix".

However, the Omni guys have indicated that a future version of OF iPhone will behave just like the desktop app - creating more than 1 .client file.

I think the real key is the total size of your database file. If it is continuing to grow or if it is in the MB size range, then you probably have a problem. For instance, I have in the neighborhood of 600-700 actions in OF and my file hovers around 172K. My wife has a similar number of actions and her file hovers around 191K. At times, both of these files are actually quite a bit smaller (like 40-60K).