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I've been using your wonderful and flexible script for templates and LOVE it. I'm able to automate so much more of my repetitive work this way.

And I'm also have trouble with setting due dates a year or more out. The script seems to add the time and then silently make a correction back one year. Examples:

due: $today + 12 months
yields a due date of 10/29/13 when it should be 10/26/14.

due: $today + 1 year
delivers a due date of today

due: $today + 366 days
yields a correct due date of 10/27/14

I can work around the correction by using the last option, but this behavior is not what I expected based on the script instructions that say:
When prompted for input, you can use any of the relative or absolute date strings you can normally use with OmniFocus
None of what I have pointed out above negates the value of this amazing tool. Thank you for the work you put in to create this very useful tool so that I as a non scripter could have this added functionality.