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First off this is a great script and has really provided a lot of value. So thanks.
I often need to undertake a set of actions with a variable list of individuals. This can be to send e-mail to each individual, look for responses, set up meetings etc/all. I was wondering if there was a possibility that you could have an option for some variables that would cause any task with that variable to be duplicated as part of a list expansion ?
Basically if I had a task set such as :
Send email to <list> on $Subject
Wait for response from <list> on $Subject
Combine results from all parties

And when I run the template, I input
List = Tom, Jerry
Subject = Mouse Food

I get:
Send email to Tom on Mouse Food
Send email to Jerry on Mouse Food
Wait for response from Tom on Mouse Food
Wait for response from Jerry on Mouse Food
Combine results from all parties

I was looking at this script and I have no idea how to insert/duplicate a task in place (actually the number of things I do not know about applescript is huge :).

Thank you,