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Well, subject more or less says it all. There should at least be on option (if not even a default) to move tasks with a set due-date to the calendar, away from iCals task-pane. For me, this would be the most important advantage of being able to sync with iCal: iCals calendar(s) will give me a complete overview of all due-dates for any given day. Currently I also must have an eye on the task-pane which otherwise I never waste any screen estate on showing.

yeah, i just started playing with the ical sync and so far don't see any reason to use it unless dated actions can show up on the duedate -- right now i do this manually (adding due dates as all-day events to a Deadlines calendar) and i was hoping ical sync would do this automatically if i put due dates on actions in OF. otherwise, yeah, what's the point? if dated actions can't be in the same place as appointments then they might as well stay in OF..