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Haven't yet found a way of reproducing that error with Leopard 10.5.1 and Omnifocus 96221, but it might be worth trying to run the script from the Omnifocus toolbar:

1. Copy the script to ~\Library\Scripts\Omnifocus
2. In Omnifocus choose View\Customize Toolbar, and drag the script onto the toolbar.

(It can be helpful before stage 1, to select the script, choose "Get Info" from the Ctrl-Click menu, select the icon at top left, and then paste an alternative graphic to serve as an icon for the script).

(The script seems, incidentally, to run faster from the the Omnifocus toolbar than when launched from Script Editor).

Note that I have now posted a new version which is intended to export only whatever is displayed and selected in the right-hand content panel.

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