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I have been using Todo on my iTouch. I had organized my to-dos as projects with Todo, and it was syncing fine with iCal as a flat list; each "Project" also had its own to-do item in iCal which is good because projects have final submission due dates. I have been printing my iCal with To-Dos as an agenda each week because it includes the to-do and event notes, which I use to store class syllabi and assignment prompts.

So now I'm considering OmniFocus because it has a better todo interface on the desktop than iCal. However, when I imported my list and organized my projects so that the final submission to-do is the project's holder, I noticed that those project to-dos no longer show up in iCal. This is a problem because a project is more than the sum of its parts, and I think it's a little silly to add a "Submit project" action to every project just so that I can get the project's due date manifested into my iCal organizational system.

Is there any best-practice solution to this, or should I just add my final submission action to projects? What a shame because that's a very unintuitive way to deal with a very nice program.