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I read all the posts... what happened to this topic?
1) I think it is good GTD behavior to only have one bucket for time sensitive stuff; the calendar.
- I think for organizing projects, there is nothing better than the OF interface.
- I agree with the poster who suggests that he only wants to enter the date once... a date is a universal value. I should not have to enter it 3 times. (into OF, into iCal, from ical back to GTD in some cases where an event is created based on but really belongs in OF)

2) To answer Ken Case's excellent question from page 2:
I would like to have "dated" OF tasks show up in ical on their due day, as all day events. To distinguish between due and start, please add "Due:" and "Start:" before the task name.
- the contexts should map to ical calendars (Good GTD).
- I would like to see this as a check box on the "sync:" menu called "Sync todos with dates as ical-calanders." And then have the option to chose either a specific calendar, or use the OF context/ical calendars.
- I would like to have the option to NOT sync OF todos to ical todos. For all the reason outlined above.