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I just discovered the omnifocus iCal Due Reminders option. I was very excited to be able to integrate this at my work, but there was some limitation. This is what I was looking for:

The ability to transfer my tasks in OF that have a "Start" and "Due" date inputed to ical through sync. For example if I have an OF Task: Process E-mails Start: 9:00 am Due: 9:30 am, I would like it to be sent to iCal as an Event: Process E-mails From: 9:00 am To: 9:30am (it would be even better if it attached notes from the OF task as well)

Unfortunately the current iCal Due Reminders option only enters the due time without the relevent start time so the iCal Event appears as: Process E-mails From: 9:30 am To: 9:30 am).

I know that GTD states that calendars are sacred landscapes dedicated only to appointments and not tasks. But I've been finding it very successful for me to plan for the upcoming week by actually scheduling urgent tasks in my calendar (with flexible flex time of course dedicated to knock off tasks that are not as urgent). That way I know what to concentrate on and when.

Anyway, by having an option, where OF can send "scheduled tasks" with a Start & Due date straight to iCal would be perfect integration and take out a few steps in my planning process (more efficient time managment). If anyone has a solution or advice that would be great.

P.S. I've already tried an applescript hack "send to ical" but I found it faulty, clumsy and erased iCal events in other calendar. Basically it cause more work for me.

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