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Hi whpalmer4,
Perhaps my example was too simple in what I was trying to portray. I have a number of projects on the go and as part of my weekly review I do every Friday I schedule urgent tasks for the upcoming week associated with those projects directly into my calendar.

A little background to my GTD approach. I adhere to most of the GTD philosophy, but where I veer away from GTD is that i adhere strongly to Sally McGhee's take of GTD application (David Allen's former business partner who co-founded the GTD process). Her approach is much more structured around scheduling. One of her principles is that there is a higher probability of a task being done if it is scheduled in your calendar. This approach works very well for me because i need that structure.

Ive recently gone from PC to Mac at my work in the past week and a half and integrating my iphone, Macbook pro, email, iCal and iPad. Since OF is my central task list I find myself going back and forth from my tasks and iCal when planning. So the ability to integrate scheduling for tasks in iCal will help me incredibly in managing my time efficiently.

I apologize for my longwinded rationale but I thought it important to provide some background.