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Just been asked about converting a piece of text to an action (first line as task, rest as note).

If I have understood the question properly, then the bare bones might look something like this:

property pstrSample : "This is the title,
and here is the note,
possibly continuing over various lines

on run
end run

on MakeTask(strText)
	set lstLines to paragraphs of strText
	if lstLines ≠ {} then
		if (length of lstLines) > 1 then
			set {dlm, my text item delimiters} to {my text item delimiters, linefeed}
			set strNote to (items 2 thru -1 of lstLines) as text
			set my text item delimiters to dlm
			set strNote to ""
		end if
		tell application id "OFOC"
			tell default document to make new inbox task with properties {name:item 1 of lstLines, note:strNote}
		end tell
	end if
end MakeTask