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I just upgraded to MacOS 10.5 Leopard and installed Mailtags 2.2.

Under MacOS 10.4 and the previous Mailtags version I was able to use Mailtags to create a new To Do item and the URL / URI of the mail message was inserted in the URL field of the iCal task. I would then cut and paste the URL into the comments section so that I was able to jump straight from Omnifocus to the e-mail message in question - after syncing the task from iCal to OF, of course.

After my upgrade this very handy feature has disappeared. I did some search of the OF and Mailtags forums. It seems like Mailtags has been having some problems with the message:// feature under Leopard. The problems seem to have been fixed when clipping from e-mail to OF, but the situation I described above still seems not to have been fixed. Is there a fix or is this being worked on?

As a side note, once the problem does get fixed, it would certainly help my workflow a lot if the URL wound up in the comments rather than in the URL field in iCal.