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Hi all,

I realize I'm probably not using the software in the manner that is anticipated. Here's my goal:

I want to enter a task that takes 4w. I want to show that, during these four weeks, two people (resources) each spend about 20% of their time on this task. So, I enter 4w as the task's duration, but when I start to assign resources, the software changes the task's duration! When I had decided the task would take 4w, I had already taken into account how much (20%) of their time people would spend on the task.

How can I configure the software to primarily accept a task's duration without modifying it as I assign people and percentages?

I still would like to be able to take advantage of OP's ability to show me how "busy" a person is in the Resource Allocation view, so I wouldn't like to lose the percentage of a resource that is being used, but I don't want the duration of a task to change dynamically.

I hope this makes sense. Many thanks for any help!