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Here's me and my buddy Toot Flügelhorn. We haves a job to do, migrating a webserver after hours.

Two tasks, 'do migration' followed by a test task
I make sure the puppet icon is in the right spot, and allocate a duration of 2 hours to the task.
When I schedule these task within project normal workweek, no problem. I can allocate a duration, and create a dependency between the change and test task.
But only if I stay in normal office hours.

I have modified the workschedule for Toot so that on friday aug 5th, he is working all day till midnight, and the 6th he is working midnight till 8am.

Now... we schedule the change to start at 20:00 hours, with duration of 2h.
The test task is scheduled at 22:00 also with a duration of 2h.
Now things go haywire very quickly.
Our test task loses its duration, or the dependent task all of a sudden has end-time on the 8th of aug... duration field turns up with 1w 2d or something silly... all depending on whatever you try to get it right.
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