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Update: Sorry, I cancel that request, as it would not work. I just tested the app and the reminders are not going into the reminder list but into the calendar.

Outdated request: Would it be possible to integrated Reminders Capture on iphone 4? Background is the app "Voice Actions", which works like Siri on 4s/5 but on older iphone versions like the "4" and lets you capture task to the reminder list.

So it should already be possible to capture via i-cloud-sync on older iphones the same way as you can on iphone 4s/5. The only problem is that on an iphone 4 the trigger vor Reminders Capture does not appear in the settings/capture section. Everything is in place: the legal siri-clone (no jailbreak etc. it is just available in the MAS), the reminder list, the i-cloud-sync. It is just the missing trigger in OF capture settings which gets in the way of enjoying the same capture possibilities on an iphone 4 as on a 4s/5.

Best regards, Eike

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