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When processing my inbox, I often have the counter-productive tendency to process the items first that are easiest to process. Ideally, I would like to process inbox items one at a time, as David Allen suggests, but when there are 20 items in my inbox and I can see them all at the same time, it becomes very easy to pick and choose which items to process. So, in order to process in a more GTD fashion, I would like to see a "Process" perspective made for OmniFocus.

This "Process" perspective would be a perspective that would show one only item in the inbox at a time. Users could select whether to have items be processed on a First-In, First-Out basis (FIFO) or Last-In, First-Out basis (LIFO). Once the user had processed the current inbox item (added it to a project and selected a context), the next item in the inbox would appear in order to be processed.

If this feature were to be implemented, I think it would lead to a boost in productivity for a lot of users.