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Mmm ... sounds a bit annoying ...

The struggle to discover these things has always been the main human-time expense of Mac application scripting this is why I tend to fall back to doing these things in Applescript, and calling particular functions in python, perl, bash, ksh or whatever, when I need them, through do shell script.

I notice that the Applescript code below successfully makes four shapes, so it seems to be possible to call make as a method of any of the objects in the chain, from application down to layer ...

Good luck !

tell application id "OGfl"
	set oApp to it
	set oDoc to front document
	set oCanvas to front canvas of oDoc
	set oLayer to front layer of oCanvas
	set lngPosn to 50
	repeat with oObj in {oApp, oDoc, oCanvas, oLayer}
		tell oObj to make new shape at end of graphics of oCanvas with properties {size:{10, 80}, origin:{lngPosn, lngPosn}}
		set lngPosn to lngPosn + 10
	end repeat
end tell