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Hi, I'm on the latest version of OmniPlan for the iPad and I must say that I absolutely love the app.

However, I've got a huge problem right now. After spending the better part of three days planning out a complete project, I was supposed to send it out two hours ago, but can't as whenever I try to export the document I made to .PDF, I just get a blank white .PDF document with absolutely nothing on it. I've tried exporting it to .PDF, then tried opening it in other Apps (Dropbox, Documents, Remarks) - it shows up on my iPad, but not my computer.

Hope you could help me out here, guys. I just don't have the time to have to re-do everything on a regular Excel spreadsheet, and after spending $50 on this app, I think I should at least be able to have something to show for it.

BTW, I'm on a Windows computer so syncing it via the Desktop app isn't an option.