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I assume that lots of "fit and finish" issues are deferred at this point, instead focusing on the infrastructure and flow. As a long time professional GUI developer, i seem to be a little more immune to "seeing the sausage being made" issues. ;-)

With allusion noise, I think while you're probably right that it is distracting, I think that shortchanges our capacity to filter out distractions. For instance, I am told that google search results often have ads associated with them. Same with sidebar ads on websites. I filter that stuff out. I am, however, ready to stab people over long pre-roll ads on youtube, so apparently there are limits to that filtering mechanism. I think if you were quantify the affect of allusion noise, I think it would be in similar range as having a pastel green or blue motif, instead of something more jarring, as it affects productivity.

If you want to make a big impact on productivity, perhaps there is a moral equivalent of the "Dunbar Number", as it relates to projects and contexts, and enforcing that with perspectives would make a dent.