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Your friends probably mean well but one thing that I dislike people that give recommendations about products without having really any sales experience.

It's not about what they like Anna it's about what's going to be right for you. I sold iPhones for 3 years and I was always honest with people. I'd say

1. If you live heavily within a Google ecosystem (i.e you use Gmail and Google Calendar and other services RELIGIOUSLY). Get Android. The integration there is nice.

2. If you love to tweak tweak tweak settings and other stuff - Android

3. If you want a HUGE screen Android or Windows Mobile.

If you want to pick up your phone and have consistency, stability and thoughtful design out of the box. iPhone.

I'd wait until Sept 10 so you can get all options. If you purchase an iPhone buy it from an Apple store if possible. Verizon will only give you 14 days to return and back out of your contract. Apple stores give you a full 30 days so you could purchase an iPhone now and if something was announced on Sept 10 you could return and wait for the new phones without incurring any penalties so long as you buy at Apple.