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I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd chime in as I've just gone through the same experience.

I started using an iPhone a few years ago when the 3G came out. I loved it then and it was better than Android at the time. When the 4 came out (somewhere in there) I went to Android. At the time, Android was ahead of iPhone for most things (definitely not music though). I used an iPod touch for OmniFocus and music.

Now I've come full circle and decided to go back to iPhone because I don't want to carry an extra device for music/podcasts etc and omnifocus. I'm using an iPhone 5.

I have to say, Android is now far far superior to iOS. I feel like I've taken a step back 5 years in terms of user experience and ease of use, general capabilities and flexibility, and now even for music and podcasts iOS is marginally ahead if you use iTunes but otherwise it's quite far behind. iOS 7 is a complete rubbish compared to the version of Android I've been using for the past 12 months or so. And even the hardware (Nexus 4) is sturdier, lighter, and more elegant (I never thought I'd say that about an apple device).

The ONY reason I am putting up with a degraded experience is because OmniFocus is so damn good (especially when you use it across mac, ipad, and iphone), and I bet there are plenty of people in my boat. Apple should be paying Omni for this.

Sure you can set up an email=>inbox thing, but I find it provides too much resistance and you miss out on having OF with you for running errands etc.

As for breaking the phone physically, all phones can break if you drop them, not just iPhones. I've used HTC, LG, Samsung, they all get scratched and if you drop them at the wrong angle things break just as easily as the iPhone glass.