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If I was going to provide all the reasons why Android is far superior to iOS it would be a *very* long post, they aren't in the same league. It's like comparing a little Cessna to a jet fighter. I'm not some kind of Android fanboy etc, I'm just saying as someone who has switched between both in the past and recently, iOS is severely lacking. For specifics, well comparing to Android you could start with iOS's shoddy multitasking, crappy notification system, lack of encryption, substandard maps, poorly designed settings access (e.g. you have to open settings to turn on/off basic things like wifi), lack of widgets, etc. This is just off the top of my head, there are just so many things that the experience is considerably degraded.

Anyway my main point is that if you run your life with OmniFocus, it's worth dealing with this and getting an iPhone because simply using email=>inbox etc is just not good enough. I don't regret changing back to an iPhone, I just wish apple would pick up their game.
Android's multitasking comes at the expense of battery life.

Galaxy S4 trounced.

iPhone has great encryption which is why it gets rolled out by the millions to the Enterprise. Maps? Overblown …Google's Points of Interest are better but I like iOS 7's vector maps. Note that Google didn't move to Vector maps until AFTER Apple delivered their solution. Oh yes the Mapkit SDK is better as well.

Widgets? Suck power and cause clutter. Actually Siri will handle a lot of those settings now.

I realize that some people just jive better with Android and that's fine but I think both are solid OS. Omnigroup just happens to have a wealth of experience with iOS/OS X