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Thanks for your interest!

What I try to do is a general Problem/Focus approach. My brain works like this. I want to work with graphical elements and a visual approach. I actually think that this could be a huge hit for the entire market, if done in the right way.
I have used Omnigraffe quite a lot, but it's too complicated and lacks the effectiveness of a dedicated Mindmap app.

Example; Take a project in Omni Focus with parallell tasks. I want to buy a new car.
Instead of this text:
Buy new car

...I want a picture as the attachment.
And by clicking on one of the elements would set that as the highlighted, while everything else dims. And so forth.
(Dim level, and how many levels, should of course be adjusted with a simple setting.)

I want to connect related info to these elements/actions with no restrictions.

I have looked at TheBrain, some years ago. It was close but had some issues.

Scapple is also good, but miss the dim thing. There are a lot of good Mindmap apps, but none has the focus/dim thing that I want.
It's all about focus.
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