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I finally broke down and bought Omnifocus, and it looks very promising, especially with the much-needed Toodledo sync and the iPhone app coming out next month. I've decided to take full advantage of the integration between programs in Mac OS X, like, Address Book, iCal, etc., instead of relying heavily on web apps.

I'm just wondering if anybody has accomplished in Omnifocus what I have managed to pull off (somewhat) in Remember the Milk and Gmail: Customer Relationship Management.

Omnifocus may be able to serve this purpose, since I can create single-action lists of different types of leads and then move them to higher-level prospect and client folders. I can have the overall goal (i.e. Close John Doe) as an action in a lead list, and child-actions for all of the actions related to that prospect. I could do the same thing for managing customer support claims and marketing activities.

Do you think Omnifocus is well suited to handle tasks, projects, and reference material for business relations? Would it be better to use Daylite for its powerful customer relationships features, and just handle regular projects and tasks in OF? Please let me know your thoughts.