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I had most of a response drafted saying that this was sort of a gaping hole in the lineup, that the only way you could do this without a bunch of typing was to export to CSV, import with OmniPlan, export to OmniOutliner 3 format, then import and add the contexts. Then I came to my senses :-)

Here's how you can export a project from one OmniFocus user to another without losing anything or doing any typing:

In the donor's OmniFocus, select the project(s) to be exported. Export them in OmniFocus Archive format. Deliver that file to the recipient by SneakerNet or Express yak courier or email or whatever. The recipient opens up OmniFocus normally, then double-clicks on the OmniFocus archive file in the Finder, which will cause OmniFocus to open another window containing the contents of that file. Select the project(s) and drag them into the outline of the usual main window. Dragging them into the sidebar doesn't seem to work for some reason.

A cautionary note: you may get multiple copies of contexts this way. If you do, for each duplicated context, select both contexts (original and duplicate) in the sidebar, group by context, and drag all the actions from the "new" context to the old one. Repeat for all affected contexts, then delete the "new" contexts when they are empty.