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Are there any plans to update OmniFocus in order to support CalDAV syncing?

Here is my current setup @ work and I would like to utilize OF for this workflow:

. macmini running 10.6.4 Server
. CalDAV configured
. I created individual calDAV calendars for my Teammates
. Their respective calendars are password protected and they have loaded them into their local iCal
. I push my Tasks to them (currently had to switch to Things since OF does not support CalDAV)
. They use Anxiety to review their tasks
. If they need to comment or add notes, they do so in iCal via the ToDo Panel
. When a task is complete they check it off in Anxiety
. I review our progress
. At the beginning of each week I review my InBox and begin the delegation process
. I Print to .PDF an overview of our week schedule and submit this to my PM's and Director and my Team.

We all stay on task and get work done efficiently.

So, I feel a little bummed that I can't use OF. I wish I had known about the lack of CalDAV support before setting up the machine with it.
-note: we were using BusyCal and OF before switching to CalDAV. The goal was to remove an additional layer of annoyance from our toolbox (why have 2 calendars ya know)


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