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System background: 10.4.11 on Quicksilver dual 800 with 1.5GB RAM, dual 120GB drives.

I don't use ODS all that often but I recently needed to do drive cleanup. Last week I tried to run ODS 1.7.1 and had it completely freeze up my system a couple of hundred MB into the sweep. By freeze I mean the mouse cursor wouldn't even move and I had to press the tiny reset button to restart the computer. After restarting I then downloaded ODS 1.7.2 and it managed to inventory my drive. Actually I was surprised since the changelogs only mentioned things like localizations which shouldn't make a difference to my issue.

Today I tried using ODS to inventory the drive and it again froze the computer a couple of hundred MB into the scan (in the Applications folder). I restarted and immediately tried ODS again. It froze the computer a second time, again very early on but not immediately.

I have tried checking Console logs to see if I can find what is gong on but I can't see any referral to this. There's no Omnidisksweeper in the application crash logs. I don't even see errors in the system logs. Perhaps since the application is not so much crashing as completely freezing the system, nothing can get written. When I restart, the computer has completely forgotten about the event. Any suggestions for where I may find something that helps?

My drive directory should be fairly healthy. I've run Diskwarrior pretty recently and not had any problems.

So I guess question #1 is, is development of ODS even continuing? I notice nothing has been done since 2009 and maybe now that it is free it is low (or zero) priority. I can try to do more troubleshooting (e.g., start in Safe Mode) but not if it's just a waste of time. There's several free inventory applications out there, but I like the non-graphical hierarchical presentation of ODS, and I'm old fashioned enough to like text.