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Maybe I'm not explaining very well. In Safari, a new window or tab is NOT the same as the page that opens when I click on the "home" (house icon).
Actually, it depends on your preference settings. Default settings in current versions of Safari are for a new window to open with your homepage, and a new tab to open with the top sites listing, and I believe but cannot conveniently verify that Safari behaved that way at the time I decommissioned my last 10.4.11 system earlier this year.

It's this "house" icon that I need to program with my home page URL, which happens to be a convenient list of all my sites. I suppose I could simply add it to the favourites bar but that's a waste of a "home" icon.
OmniWeb has considerably more powerful features for handling groups of sites that you visit frequently, as well as maintaining browser state over a crash or restart. Have a look at the Workspaces and Snapshots.

OmniWeb and Safari render your page identically for me.