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Thanks again!!

I haven't used this app as much as I wanted to because I thought it would be more beneficial to me during meetings. The app is simple but the only frustrating thing is that + button.

If you have the time check out an app called 'thinkbook' then you will understand what I mean. That bar (with all the icons) is far more intuitive.

Yes, OO has more to offer in terms of functionality but using the + button you need to think about it which is not great if you are in a meeting and are busy typing up notes and lose your train of thought.
Agreed mdevitt. I like what myMind did though you cannot get the product any more. If you pressed and held on an object you could then swipe in a diction to set a newly created child's location. How we could apply a mind mapping tool's UI to an Outliner is something Omni should consider since the paradigmns are fundamentally similar.

All UI feedback is good UI feedback.

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