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I have just started reusing Omnifocus and wondered if someone could tell me if this is possible.

I'm not interested in time estimates of short tasks, but it would be useful to give estimates for longer tasks, say more than half a day, and then give the month you hope to start/complete the task.

Then to get a view by Month that would show and calculate total major commitments for that month, or even just show the tasks and let you add up the hours yourself.

It would then be relatively easy if someone asks you do activity x that needs 5 days work and is required by 1st of December, to flick through this view and see how many days work you are already committed to in each month between now and 1st of December.

I used to do something similar on paper many years ago, and found it an effective approach to avoid promising work that I was in fact far too busy to realistically get done in time for a deadline.

An answer may well come to me as I explore Omnifocus, but I would still be grateful if someone could shortcut me to a solution, or tell me it can't be done.

Many thanks,