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Let me add my voice, again, to those who are increasingly or beyond frustration with the Omni Outliner non-sync solution. Your CEO, Ken Case, explanation of the problem has become tiresome. I really don't care how eloquently the problem is explained, nor do I appreciate the between-the-lines message that the fault is with iCloud or Dropbox whose technologies require the "improvements" recommended by the Omni Group.

I don't care about "file wrappers" and "file directories" any more than I care that when I step on the accelerator in my car, the car moves.

I also have zero interest in adopting an proprietary Omni-Specific sync-server solution. I want to use an industry-wide sync solution (iCloud or Dropbox) that works flawlessly with 95% of all other apps out there that require sync.

In fairness, Ken Case has been good enough to promptly connect with me via email...etc. on the matter. He has always been very understanding, apologetic, and whatever other attributes that go into making a customer extend courtesy and patience.

However, now we are way beyond a reasonable timeframe for a proper solution to have been introduced.

Threatening and following through on abandoning Omni-Outliner for something else is only effective if there was something else to move to. The problem is, there isn't. For me personally, Omni-Outliner is what I moved to a couple of years ago when ECCO disappeared, and before that THINK-TANK. I think I have looked at all other stand-alone solutions and none come close to Omni-Outliner. So on the one hand Omni Group deserves to be applauded for having the foresight to have created Omni-Outliner in the first place, but they also deserve every bit of chastising they are getting (and more) for their complete ineptness in making the product fully functional across devices in a simple and seamless manner in accordance with industry leading standards as offered by Dropbox and iCloud.

Mr. Case, no more eloquent explanations, excuses, or telling us "how hard" you are working on the issue. There comes a time when none of that means anything anymore. Only the fix matters. And that time has not only come, it is now way overdue. Omni-Outliner 4 or an IOS-6 solution had better come quick!