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Only use MacOS and convince your organisation to ditch its entire infrastructure for MacOS, and all your clients too. Store all your data on Apple's servers and only buy your apps from the Mac App store because if you support iCloud that is the only place you are allowed to sell your app.

This is the world that is pro iCloud and anti Dropbox.

OO only runs on Apple kit, so the iCloud route doesn't enforce a Mac-only environment. It's a pain sharing OO output with non-Mac kit (I work all the time in client environments - in 20 years of freelancing, I have *never* had a Mac-using client - so I get the problem) but that's not an iCloud issue

I think OmniGroup deserves criticism for being *very* slow to get to grips with sharing/exporting - and not just for OO; but I think to give them a slapping for choosing iCloud over DropBox is unfair.

You can argue the rights and wrongs of choosing iCloud over DropBox; ultimately, that's as much a commercial as a technical decision. The issue is that, broadly, users don't care what the sync/exchange platform is - so long as there *is* one