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I have a similar problem with flags in OmniFocus.

On the mac if I set a project to sequential and then flag the project (the actual project, not the individual tasks), the flagged view only shows the first task, which is the available task. If I finish that task and mark it done, the next task, already flagged, appears in the flagged perspective. Brilliant.

But on the iPhone this isn't the case (as far as I can tell). Under that same scenario when I use the flagged perspective, every single task in that flagged project appears. I thought I could change the 'view' to show only the available flagged tasks in that project, but I don't think that's possible.

So, either I'm missing something in either how flagging on the iPhone works or the philosophy behind this situation, or Omnigroup has decided that the iPhone and Mac apps should behave differently.

And given that they've already shipped the new iPhone app, which I generally like, and have moved on to the long awaited Mac app, I'm guessing this situation isn't going to change.