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So, either I'm missing something in either how flagging on the iPhone works or the philosophy behind this situation, or Omnigroup has decided that the iPhone and Mac apps should behave differently.

And given that they've already shipped the new iPhone app, which I generally like, and have moved on to the long awaited Mac app, I'm guessing this situation isn't going to change.
Just tested the situation with the ipad version. Flagged items unavailable because they're blocked by others in a sequential project are greyed out whereas items with a future start don't show.

I'm assuming it's a bug in the iPhone/iPad version (and have reported it to Omni) since this breaks the definition on "availability" and just seems illogical to me.

There doesn't seem to be any value in having flagged perspectives work differently across all the platforms as it just causes confusion for people that have both OSX and iOS - or at least us...

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