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I'm a little confused, if you're working from a project view anyway, why do you need to view actions without a context? They must be assigned to a project or they'd still be stuck in your inbox. And if you're working from the project, you can still see them, provided you are filtering to see all actions, since contextless actions aren't considered available.
Just wait until you get 200 projects in there... and one of the more important projects doesn't get done because you trusted the system and yet forgot to have a context assigned. At this point, you'll stop trusting OmniFocus and the entire system will crash causing you to spiral into the state you were before you were interested in GTD. Might not be such a bad thing. Or even worse, you don't trust the system anymore and yet you still place tasks into OmniFocus, sorta, half using it. Your mind quickly becomes numb without you knowing it and you are stuck in the ether.