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So, I like the concept of site-specific preferences a lot, and I really like the ability to create custom stylesheets for sites that I frequent to remove ads, make them more readable, etc. I have two requests that would really take this feature over the top, and let me do all sorts of great customization:

1. Site-specific javascript to run onLoad. There are a host of sites that I read where the first thing I do whenever the page loads is click two or three bookmarklets to remove annoying aspects of the page or make them behave properly in OmniWeb. It would be great if I could tell OmniWeb to run some JavaScript *for* me once a page loads. Think of all the great things people could do with this!

2. Make the site-specific CSS (and JavaScript if you add it) be able to be stored in an external file, or simply typed into a nice TextArea and stored in the OmniWeb application resources, so that I don't have to create a bunch of files on my filesystem to store all this site specific stuff.

Thanks! OmniWeb is, by and large, a pleasure to use!