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This is essential to me, too. Quote: "There will be no built-in support for synchronizing computers,..." I can accept that, but synchronization with iCal should be "intelligent", so that new entries in iCal (e.g. after a .Mac synchronization with my home computer) are added in OmniFocus and not deleted in iCal. If this isn't possible, I'm sorry to say that the application is not useful to me.
I don't want to be overblown, but this is true for me too. Part of the point of the app is to manage your tasks in different contexts. If it only works on one machine, it's limited to one context (that machine).

I've been trying to sync using FolderShare and it's very difficult for some reason. OF is very finicky about changes to the .ofocus package.

If I do synchronize with iCal, will that let me sync everything? All the data I put into OF including the project structure, contexts, etc?

Also, I'm using to synch my iCal calendar at the moment. It seems that OF will create a local calendar for each context. Does that mean I need to publish each context as it is added? That could get tedious. Does iMac handle that more automatically?

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