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What I would really, really like is computer-to-computer synchronization (the one feature that has me still using Now Up to Date after all these years, despite its bugginess and general decrepitude) ... but I respect that Omni has made a rational choice to leave off true syncing in version 1, in order to get product out the door. So what I'm looking for is clear documentation on how to make do without true synchronization.

The forums have said you can mount OmniFocus data anywhere, and therefore it should work to carry it around on a USB key. This brings up two questions:

* Anywhere at all? So could I use a network mount and have OmniFocus running on a desktop computer at home, using the OmniFocus database on the computer in my office? And if I did that would I need to carefully shut down the copy of OmniFocus in the office before going home, and vice versa? I'm really afraid to try this without an all-clear from Omni.

* OK, let's say a network mount is a bridge too far ... so a USB key, however imperfect, is the answer. But how does one do that? There is no "open" command in the file menu of OmniFocus, and it seems to be hard-wired to use a database in Library/Application Support/OmniFocus. Am I supposed to copy the database back and forth from the USB key whenever I move location? Or maybe if I once make a copy of the database to a USB key and double-click it, OmniFocus will thereafter know that it should read and write to the key? I'm not sure where to start.

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