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Support for storing your database on a USB drive is built in to OmniFocus. I don't know why people are posting some complicated instructions involving the Terminal.

Just got to Preferences. At the top of the General pane, hit the "Move" button to change the location of your database.

The only little snag that I hit was setting it up on the second computer. When I tried to direct it to the same location on my external drive, it said that there was already a file there and wanted to overwrite it with the current database on that computer. I'm not sure if Omni has smoothed out that rough edge, but it was easy enough to make a copy of the database on the external, direct the Omnifocus to overwrite, quit the program, copy the correct database back into the external drive location, then restart Omnifocus.

That worked for me and it has been working like a charm ever since. This was the one feature that I had been waiting impatiently for since I really need to be able to use the program both at home and at the office.

Hope this helps.