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I have a problem with omnioutliner which I think I may have now gotten to the bottom of, but I would like to know how to get around it.

I have been in the process of revising for exams and have used OmniOutliner to create my revision notes. Due to the indenting I found I was wasting half of the page and the notes for a whole course were getting very large. So I decided to splt the file into an Index file and 7 sub topic files.

I assumed (wrongly) that attaching a file was only creating a link to it. So I ended up with a single document pointing to seven others. Then I created links in the seven documents back to the index.

I now seem to have multiple, multiple copies of my files in different versions of edits, each wrapped up in the hidden folder structure that OmniOutliner seems to use.

Is it possible to just create a hyperlink to a file rather than making it part of the package and creating these multiple clones.

I'm just going to try link to an alias to see if that works but I suspect it may still grab a copy of the file :(