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1) Stats - In any view or filter, show me at the bottom how many projects / tasks / contexts. Show me how much I got done last week, last month, last year in terms of tasks and projects. Give me a quick view of how many projects are active, on hold, pending, completed, etc. Give me data, for I need to breath.

2) iPhone Integration - 'nuff said (ahemSDKahem).


5) Speed - It is already getting pokey on my 24" iMac Core Duo with 2GB of RAM. That is wrong.
I'd especially love to see these three. In fact, I'd place the speed request as my number one item, with the other two close behind.

I also already requested that when right-clicking on the Dock icon, to arrange the list of Contexts hierarchically as is done in the sidebar of the Context mode. Right now, the list is flat and very long.