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I for one, love the new Shared Layers. However, one change that really irks me in OG 5 (Pro) is the increased difficulty of navigating between canvases and layers.

First, the lack of page numbers in the Utility drawer makes it much harder to synch up with printed docs. I make extensive notes on the printouts during meetings, then go back and edit the OG 5 version by jumping to those pages by referencing the page number. There is no way to do this except by looking at the Variable page # on the doc itself, but this is often hidden due to page zooming/sizing. PLEASE MAKE PAGE NUMBERS VISIBLE, AT LEAST WHEN HOVERING OVER CANVAS ICON.

Second, where did the canvas/layer dropdown lists in the lower toolbar go? Those little menus in OG 4 made it easy to see what canvas/layer you're on without having to open the Canvases tab AND open the current canvas's disclosure triangle. Very clumsy. Also, it's really hard to tell which canvas and layer is currently selected: The highlighting effect is way too subtle.