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There's not much that I miss from my old Visio days, but this is a big one.

I find that I don't use the stencil feature much because the process of adding items to a stencil requires too many steps. I appreciate the simplicity of treating a stencil as just a document with graphics on it. And I really like the ability to drag items off of a stencil onto an active canvas, but...

I frequently create new graphics that I suspect will be useful later. But my primary task is typically getting my current document finished. So what I want to do is, as soon as I create something new, drag it right into the stencil library and go on about my business. Unfortunately, I have to open the stencil document, deal with overlapping window mechanics, cut and paste, save the stencil, etc. Consequently, I just don't do it.

I realize the value of keeping the stencils read only most of the time. So I propose having some sort of button where you can quickly toggle a stencil to/from readonly - read/write mode without having to open a document. Then, in read/write mode, you would be able to drag anything from your canvas onto the stencil library and into the current stencil which would update itself right before your very eyes. Once satisfied that there's nothing else to modify, you could toggle it back to read only for safety's sake.

I've been meaning to request this feature about a year now and am finally getting around to it!