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If this lock error keeps coming back after you've deleted the lock file, there's probably something more going on. Either another copy of OmniFocus somewhere is accessing your file, or something very strange is going on. Please let us know about it if you see this come back, so we can track it down.
Hi Lizard,

I get the same lock error almost every time my MBP boots. It is set as a start up item, along with iCal and Mail. (This was happening even before I added iCal and Mail to my startup items - OF was the only one at that point.)

I do the manual delete of the lock file every time, which works wonderfully, BUT.

My question is this -- I've been downloading the sneak peeks when they come up, hoping that they would solve this bug. Now I'm wondering if doing that is making the situation worse. I see that OF is installing separate versions for every update. Am I doing something wrong?