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I'm wondering if the new OmniOutliner beta has included a word count capability or maybe a "document statistics" ability, which is the same thing really :)

I've last brought this up October 2007 but there was no response then.

I am a huge fan of OmniOutliner but one thing I could be using it for is writing smallish articles. For that it would be ideal if it had a word count.

At present I use Microsoft Word for small articles.

For larger writing projects I use Scrivener which has excellent document statistics capability.

I do use OmniOutliner for all kinds of planning, I plan my larger writing projects in it initially before going to Scrivener. I also use OmniOutliner as a database program to keep tabular data things.

I've become very fluent with using OmniOutliner because I use it for so many things but if it had a word count then it would give me another use.

I have tried DevonThink's free document word count but it just gets it wrong when applied to OmniOutliner.

There is a possibility of doing an immensely cool word count system in OO.

The neat way to do it would be to have a special word count column. This would show the number of words in the main writing column cell in each row.

There could be a check box for each row allowing the user to include it or not in the summary word count.

Finally I will mention that word count is far more important for small articles than big ones. When someone wants 500 words, for example it is usually because they need to fit it in somewhere and they'll be annoyed if they get 550 words. However when writing a book, then the word count does not need to be very accurate.

The word count in this posting is: 302 :)